The Baby Madame is a site to help parents make the most of their time so that they can spend more of it with their children. The Baby Madame aims to be a support system for parents struggling with finances, meal preps, and all other things that may come up with raising children. The Baby Madame also offers freebies to parents that are useful and entertaining. If you have a service, content, or product that you think may be useful to parents please look at our Sponsorship and Guest Posts opportunities.

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Tier 1: $7.00

1 Sponsored post on my blog

A banner ad.

A link to one of your social media accounts.

Up to 2 products or services featured.

Tier 2: $12.00

2 Sponsored posts on my blog.

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Video Post on my Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram page regarding your product and/ or services.

Up to 3 products or services featured.

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Guidelines for Guest Posts

1. Should be a minimum of 1000-1200 preferably.

2.Post topics include freebies, cost effective ideas or activities geared towards parents or children, meal prep ideas, parenting tips, budgeting and/ or saving that is designed for people with children, and self-help for parents. Any post outside of this will need to be approved first.

3.Content must be completely original and not posted on any other site.

4.Once it is posted on The Baby Madame, and the article becomes available on another website, it will be removed from The Baby Madame’s site.

5.The content must be SEO optimized without the use of keyword stuffing. (if you need help with this, please feel free to reach out to me.)

6.Affiliate links are not allowed but links back to your own articles on your site are fine and absolutely encouraged.

7.Submissions should include a profile picture, your site URL, and up to 2 social media accounts.

8.You are welcomed to provide Pinterest graphics, as the article will be linked to my Pinterest page, or otherwise I can create it myself.

9.Ensure that the post has been proofread and does not contain any negligent grammatical errors.

The Baby Madame reserves the right to edit any submission as needed.

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Note: At this time, The Baby Madame does not compensate for Guest posting.