Activity of the Month

Each month I will feature one activity I have done with my kids that will keep your kid’s engaged!

This month is: Sun Visor Craft

Updated: 7/03/2019

Allow your kids to personalize a Visor and Keep Cool this Summer. This is also a simple activity for a summer birthday party or beach themed event. This is a perfect activity to do inside when the weather sucks. For a complete list of activities you can do when the weather sucks, please CLICK HERE !


-Craft foam visors w/ elastic band

-A4 or Letter size paper



-White glue

-Paint brush or cotton bud (optional)

-Acrylic paint or paint pen (optional)

-Black permanent marker (optional)

-Things to decorate your visor with: stickers, craft foam shapes, wiggle eyes, felt cut-outs, glitter, pompoms, fabric, etc.

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I recommend visiting Dollar Tree’s website. When it comes to Art and craft supplies, they will beat any price with everything just a dollar.


-Choose a few different color visors to decorate. Coordinate with clothes or a favorite color.

-Select your foam stickers.

-If you plan to write names, have an adult use or assist with the paint pen for proper use.

-Stick on foam stickers of choice.

-Add glitter glue for a little sparkle.

-Embellish with squeeze paint


-Mark with a pencil where to put the paint.

-Have kids practice on an extra piece of foam first and guide them where to put the dots.

-If you choose to add a few items like buttons or sequins, use a craft glue for a secure bond. Don’t put too many or it will weigh the visor down.

Video coming soon, of my kids completing this activity.

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