5 Back To School Tips For Parents

5 Back To School Tips For Parents

There are a lot of useful tips on the internet for getting ready for back to school. I decided to take the ones I find most useful and put it into my 5 Back To School Tips For Parents post below.

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Budget Friendly School Supplies:

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1.Before you start your shopping, look around your house first and see what supplies you may have left over from last year. I always buy more than I need so this year I lucked up and don’t have to buy any pencils or glue sticks!

2.Save money by attending local Back to School events. Most events give away backpacks and basic school supplies for free. That’s less money coming out of your pocket. If you are in the Charlotte/ Concord NC or Milwaukee WI area, I posted a list of these Back to School Events on my Facebook Community. Check out that list HERE! Sometimes even attending your child’s school open house can score you some free school supplies. Every bit helps.

3.First, you want to start your shopping at your local DOLLAR STORE or online for everything you can find on your list. The Dollar store will for sure be the best deals you can find. Whatever they don’t have, then you can try other stores like Walmart, Office Depot, Family Dollar, etc.

4.Make sure you look on HOLLAR which is a cheap website for all sorts of things, however they have a “Back to School” Section that will blow your mind but not your pockets! I saw Backpacks for $12 and LESS!

5.Also, Check out my post about AMAZON DEALS for back to school necessities. This is a really good read for those who have more than one kid going to school or those who prefer to buy in bulk. Also Amazon has some really good deals on back packs too.

Easing The Kids Into A Routine:

I know how it is going from the summer to the school year and the kids are still yearning for that summer freedom. But make it easier on yourself and start getting them into the routine NOW! If not it will be chaotic when dealing with fussy kids and mouthy teenagers on the first day of school. Some quick tips to get that routine started:

1.If they are not already going to bed at the time you would like them to when school starts then you need to start that bed time TODAY! Yes. whatever day it is that you are reading this post, school night bed time is in full effect.

2.Start introducing their after school year routine to them NOW. So if they come home from school at 4pm and immediately have to do their homework, then start today by sitting them down at 4pm to work on some worksheets, doing an activity, or coloring.

3.Showers and bathes happening at a certain time during the school year? Start making them do it at that time NOW!

I think you guys get the picture. The sooner you start, the better that first day of school will go for you.

Helpful Resources for Routines:


Buying School Clothes On A Budget:

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1.Put your pride aside and Buy used First. You can go to thrift/ second hand stores or even reach out into your local Facebook buy and sell groups or Facebook Market. And yes this works for school uniforms too. I recently had someone post about needing uniforms for my daughter’s previous school. The school makes custom shirts and sell them for about $10 a piece. I gave them to her for free. I’m not saying you can get this lucky of scoring free items but you’ll most certainly get some at a low price.

2.Look out for DoorBusters. Oshkosh and Old Navy are always going easy on my pockets with their Back to School sales. At the time that this post was written, Old Navy is having a $2, $4, $6, $8 sale on select items and Oshkosh is having a buy 1 get 2 FREE sale on Jeans.

3.If you are one of those parents who must have their kids in the latest than please shop at retailers like Burlington Coat Factory, TJ Maxx, Marshalls for brand names for less.

4.Please excuse me because I have to tap into my bad side for a moment! Stop and see those boosters on the corner. I scored 30 socks for only $5. I even shopped for clothes one time this way and paid $100 for each kid to get 15 complete outfits. And if your kids are anything like mines, it’s extremely important to stock up on socks. But if you have a hard core conscience than Burlington is your next bet for cheap socks and undergarments.

5.Shop at the outlets for school shoes. If you are going directly into foot locker or Champs then you are asking to be broke. It is worth the extra drive to go directly to the Nike, Adidas, or whatever brand of your choosing outlets to score much better deals. Or directly visiting their websites to see what deals they have. I can literally get two pairs of shoes at the outlets for the price I would have paid for one pair at Foot locker.

Organization Tips to Keep You Sane:

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1.If your kids are still too young, iron and lay out their clothes/ shoes on Sunday’s for the entire week. This will help your mornings go smoother. Best part, you can sleep in a little longer knowing you have clothes for the day figured out.

2.Give yourself one less thing to do in the mornings. Do baths/ showers, Pack lunches, and sign homework/permission slips the night before. Doing what you can at night will also allow you to sleep in a little longer in the morning.

3.Keep a dry erase calendar on the fridge or wall to keep track of any extra curricular activities, PTA meetings, and conferences so that you don’t forget or over extend yourself.

4.This is my favorite one for people with multiple children. DO NOT wake them all up at the same time. Wake them up about 10 minutes apart. This will allow every child to use the bathroom, wash their face, and brush their teeth without running over each other or racing to the bathroom. When the first child leaves the bathroom to go get dressed, you can wake up the next child. Obviously for teens, you will want to give them more time to do their hair or whatever else teens do in the bathroom for that LONG!

5.Crockpot meals for Dinner. As often as you can, Put dinner in the crockpot in the morning so by the time the kids come home and finish with homework and/or baths, dinner can be already ready for them. Don’t have a CrockPot: CLICK HERE IF YOU STILL DON’T THINK YOU NEED ONE! But if you are ready to buy one check out the ones below:

Self Care Tips that Parents Need for the School Year:

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1.Keep WINE on deck. Because guess what? I’m not an expert, all these tips won’t help you and your day just may be shitty. And for bad days, wine always gets me through. So Join a wine club. Any wine club make sure it gets delivered to your door so you never run out. My Favorite Wine club is Le Grand Verre wines. If you use my LINK you can get 50% off your first box.

2.This tip here is dedicated to Working Moms and SAHM who don’t like dragging the kids to the store. The last thing you want to do is get off work, pick up the kids, and realize you have to do some grocery shopping or need more toilet paper. Get a Shipt membership . When you place an order with shipt , the shopper will shop for your items and deliver right to your doorstep. Nice right? I use shipt every other Thursday to get my household essentials. Use my Code: pQPVN when you sign up and save $50 on annual membership. (reg.$99/year).

3.When you are overwhelmed read a book, watch your favorite show. Give yourself a break from adulting and don’t feel guilty about it!

4.Also, Get those kids to bed by 7pm so that you can have time for you ! Learn How by clicking HERE

5.Lastly, Read my post: Self Care tips for parents to try even more ways to make sure you are indulging in self care daily.

I hope you find these tips helpful for preparing you for Back to School. And I’m sending positive vibes for a fantastic school year!

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