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Welcome to The Baby Madame. This website is for parents to gain advice, tips, and freebies related to parenting, saving money, and meal preps and to also share your experiences and wisdom. I hope you find a little something worth reading or contributing to. If you find something you like, share it with a friend. The more the merrier around here!  And, be sure to follow me on FacebookInstagram, and Pinterest.  I love to connect with other parents who are figuring this whole thing out, one day at a time. Cheers!

If you shower and put on makeup every day, shop at stores that don’t just sell kids items, serve your kids meals that came straight from the Betty Crocker cookbook every day and have a clean home 100% of the time straight without a toy in sight…. then you should probably got this stuff all figured out!

But if you’re like me and sometimes realize you haven’t looked in a mirror in days and you don’t have it all figured out, then this might be the group for you. The Baby Madame encourages advice seekers, vents/ rants, and “ah ha” moments. I am a Step mom, biological mom, slacker mom, Disney movies mom, and above all things a REAL mom. Fan of blogging, sleeping, and pretending not to hear my 4 kids fight. If you need advice or need to vent in a more private setting you can reach me anytime at

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Shiva S Milwaukee, WI

“This blog has a really good content and the facebook community is really helpful.”

Kenya D Concord, NC

“This website has great content and frequent giveaways.”

Lacey T Mequon, WI

“Came across a FB ad for this blog and now I visit this website everyday. The advice given keeps me sane with the little ones.”